This is what Lyme looks like

This is what Lyme looks like

Just because we don’t look sick, doesn’t mean we aren’t.

This is me and the only other member in my family who has Lyme: my dog, Woofie (don’t ask about his name, long story!). When he was only a few years old, we noticed he was having trouble sitting down and getting up. We brought him to the vet and they guessed Lyme right away; after he tested positive, we gave him a month of antibiotics.

He is now 13 years old and as healthy as can be! If he had been bitten by a tick now, it would have been much harder to tell, since he is getting old and he isn’t as fast as he used to be. Luckily, we have a great vet and who has tested once a year during Woofie’s checkups, just in case.

I learned that dogs are not as dramatically affected by Lyme as people. What was most surprising was when I asked the vet to test my outdoor cat for Lyme, she said cats are more resistant to the bacteria. It was not impossible, she said, but since we treated him with Frontline every month and checked him for ticks everyday, chances were slim.

What is it about cats that makes them more resistant to the Lyme-causing bacteria?!

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