Please always check your pets for ticks!!!

I’m always researching anything and everything that relates to Lyme disease & ticks. I had Googled ticks to get a simple picture of a tick, for a Facebook post of mine. I know I’ve done this hundreds of times, but there were some new images of ticks.

I warn you, if you choose to search ticks through Google Images, what you might see is a bit disturbing but a reality. I’m not grossed out that easily or upset by pictures…but when it comes to animals (especially the ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan’s Angel playing in the background you know exactly what I’m talking about-it gets me EVERY time- I cannot watch it without crying) some pictures I saw physically made me sick.

I’m highly aware of ticks attaching to animals and am extremely careful to check both my cat and dog for any when they come inside- but I never thought about all those poor homeless animals or those who are neglected & abused and what happens if no one removes the ticks that attach to them. One picture had someone lifting up a dog’s ear, showing a massive amount of ticks attached to the dog! It’s really horrible but this powerful image can really be a wake up call for some.

PLEASE, if you have any pets, please, please, please always check them for ticks and use Frontline or whatever product you think/your vet recommends would be the best for your pet (remember to apply to both your cat and dog–but this doesn’t mean they cannot get ticks or Lyme disease if you use a product like Frontline)!!

I have always loved animals and had wanted to be a veterinarian when I was younger, but realized I would get so emotionally involved in the job, it wasn’t right for me. I really hope I can find some energy soon, besides the little I have to work on getting healthier/fundraising for my treatment, because I really want to volunteer for the ASPCA. I encourage you to donate if you have a couple bucks, but if not volunteer or support the cause any way you can!

If you have a pet that you can’t take care of whether it is because you cannot financially afford it, have the time or whatever the reason is, please don’t abandon them! There are lots of people who will give them a good home!

A little over a year ago, my boyfriend and I rescued this pup. Her name is Mandy and I jokingly call her my half dog! Technically my boyfriend adopted her while we were in college together but I’ve helped take care of her every since. She was kept in a cage, in a very small apartment and was walked in the basement since they lived in a bad neighborhood. The family gave her up because they couldn’t give her a good home. My boyfriend found an organization that you apply to if interested in adopting a pet. They read over your application, interview you a few times, look into the type of environment/home you would provide for them and hope to help you find your perfect match.

She was saved a few days before she was going to be euthanized after this shelter claimed she was “unadoptable” and the organization saved her.

Mandy is now 2 years and 4 months old. She is part of my family and support system that helps get me through my bad days as I continue to fight Lyme; some days I’m too tired to walk her but my boyfriend does or lets her run around in the fenced in part of the yard— but at the very least, I always make sure she is tick-free! 🙂

Mandy loves to snuggle!


Washing the dog?


Though I don’t have much money at all (especially in the process of fundraising money for my Lyme treatment), I donated to the ASPCA. I would love to adopt more pets, but I cannot not afford it or feel like I would be able to take on another responsibility– so I did the only thing I could do–donate. It wasn’t much, but I feel really, really good about giving to a great cause!

ASPCA donation

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  1. I hate ticks and have had to remove a couple from my dogs after a walk in the forest.

  2. I hate it too but it’s a good thing you remove them! My dog unfortunately has Lyme disease but we caught it early! He’s 13 years old and a happy, healthy dog!

  3. I’m so glad that he’s doing well. 13 is a great age 🙂

    • Yes I am extremely thankful! And I have a great vet! I don’t know what I would do without my pets, they get me through each and every day

  4. Great article Stacie!:) I love the part about Mandy!

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