Things will be (or should be) quiet for a while on my social media channels.

I am currently fighting a sinus infection, laryngitis and bronchitis. I waited to see if I really needed antibiotics, since I have been on so many over the years–but there was no way I could avoid them. I shouldn’t have waited so long but I didn’t want to take them right away in case it was allergies, a cold, the flu, etc…

I never know when or what I’m getting sick with…but just allergies?? I know better than that.

Living with Lyme= weak immune system.

Stay well everyone.

AND…sorry for the poor video & audio quality– BUT this was quite the achievement for me because:

1. I posted a video of myself, online, for the world to see
2. I posted a video of myself while I’m sick and look & feel horrible
3. This was the first iMovie I made (thanks to my awesome bro for teaching me a few things about film in a couple minutes- no wonder why he’s in college studying it! Good luck Luke!)
4. Lyme + being sick + adhd = much of my time unaccounted for/spent being unproductive

Sharing what it is like to live with Lyme disease & other chronic illnesses to spread awareness; health advocate;

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