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As always, I cannot thank you all enough for your support and see that I have 30 people following my blog which is awesome!! I haven’t received any feedback yet and would really like to know what you think of my blog! I have never been great at writing, (especially when it comes to grammar) but found I really enjoy it and is a great stress reliever/outlet for me.


Most of all, I want to continue working towards my goal of spreading awareness about lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. I’m not a doctor or a nurse (though I hope to go back to school one day and become a nurse practitioner!), but have a degree in Public Health, am an EMT and have my personal experience on the subject.

Again, I’m not an expert and have much to learn. Personally, I like to hear as many opinions, personal stories and information that is out there- after I do my own research, talk to my own doctors, I decide what is best for me-

I’ll never stop researching and getting opinions of medical professionals or fellow lymies- when it comes to Lyme disease, nothing is black and white.


So… I would like to use the knowledge I do have, educate the public and prevent the spread of tick-borne illnesses the best I possibly can. If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. and don’t want to answer the survey, you can always e-mail me!

[email protected] or [email protected]


Thank you!

Sharing what it is like to live with Lyme disease & other chronic illnesses to spread awareness; health advocate;

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