Cory Booker

“May we help more than we hurt, may we seek to understand more than be understood and may we love more than we judge.”

I have many role models and people who I look up to in life. Many who I’ve come to know personally, some who I have never met, and those who have passed on, but whose words of wisdom will on live forever. There is one person though, who I personally don’t know, but has become a person I truly admire, Cory Booker.

Through 140 characters or less, I’ve learned to never give up on the relationship I have with myself, my relationship with others, for we can always improve–most of all, we must always have faith & hope.

When it comes to living with a chronic illness, we all need something to keep our hope alive- that things will get better. Inspirational quotes/role models is just one thing that makes me smile.

Whether it’s music, art, writing, reading, cooking, religion, role models, movies- anything at all- we all need something- many things- so that when we fall, we can pick ourselves back up again.

Most of all, we need each other.

Thank you Cory Booker for being such an inspiration!

Sharing what it is like to live with Lyme disease & other chronic illnesses to spread awareness; health advocate;


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