Boston Mayor's Hotline for families of victims: 617-635-4500
Boston Police line for witnesses who may have information: 800-494-8477
Click here for the Google Person Finder: Boston Marathon Page
Click here to visit the Red Cross Safe & Well Page

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those in Boston

and those who were affected by this incident.

I want to thank all the first responders, police, EMS, fire- nurses, doctors and anyone who found the strength & courage to be so selfless- who were there to lend a helping hand to those who needed it most and continue to help those over the next few days, months and years.

I also wanted to share what has already become such an amazing, iconic photo- this man gives a whole new meaning to never giving up- and to always pick yourself back up, after you’ve fallen.

To Bill Iffrig- the 78 year old, three time Boston Marathon runner-

you are incredible.

"Bill Iffrig is shown falling in a widely circulated video of the blast; he was able to walk away"

Lake Stevens runner just feet from blast in Boston

God Bless everyone, stay safe and stay strong.

Tweets from Boston

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