What do YOU know about Lyme?

To raise awareness about Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, I’m collecting some information to help me figure out the best way(s) of going about educating the public…

WITHOUT “Googling”, researching, or asking a friend-

What do YOU know about Lyme disease?

Tell me what you know-or if you don’t know anything about it!

*Please provide your age with your comment-

no other personal information will be shared (or is required)*

I will be compiling results and posting them as I get responses!

Thank you for your help!

These are the responses I’ve gotten so far- thank you for your honesty, this helps me a lot and this is helping everyone!!

–  “Something with a tick and that’s all I know…” – Age 16

– “I think you get it from ticks and I don’t know…it does something weird and you have to take pills for it? I don’t know honestly.” – Age 15

“It’s a bacterial infection from a tick…that’s about it.”– Age 18

– “Ummm…you get it if you got bit by a deer tick and have a bulls-eye rash; If treated right away, you get a course of antibiotics, untreated it affects your muscles and can cause joint pain.”- Age 17

– “It’s a disease you get from a tick and it messes up your immune system.”- Age 20

– “You get it by a tick bite have a circle around the dot; it’s carried through or by animals, I don’t know; And that’s all I know, I don’t know much; treatment is there but can take time.”- Age 17

– “Lyme disease is transmitted through the bite of a tick. Oral or IV antibiotics are given as treatment- it can cause fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain and headaches.” – Age 60

Sharing what it is like to live with Lyme disease & other chronic illnesses to spread awareness; health advocate;


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