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I have a lot to write about!-and I will be editing this post over the next few days- But since many people were curious as to what colorpuncture was, rather than keep you waiting, here is the info I was given about it! (This may not make sense- I still don’t completely get it but continuing to learn about it!)



Acu-light pen and insertable glass tips

Acu-light pen and insertable glass tips

Read more about Colorpuncture here


Lots of people ask me about acupuncture- this again is something I don’t know a whole lot about. When you try and google information, I learned from an acupuncturist (from what I had brought them) was just completely wrong! I tried “googling” acupuncture points to treat Lyme disease and that’s just not possible. But before I explain more about that…

Should I try acupuncture?

YES! If you have not tried it, you absolutely should!

But, you must keep a few things in mind when looking for an acupuncturist/trying it:

– Every one has a different experience;

– Every experience varies between the acupuncturists you see;

– When you see the same acupuncturist, you will even have different experiences each time you go to them;

– The first time you try it, you may not feel any different; you may not feel any different after a couple times; many times you’re improving subconsciously (one time I didn’t think it was helping, but I had to come off a medication for a month to have a sleep study- and I didn’t realize it until later that I had no withdrawals or side effects after coming off the meds)

– The more you go for acupuncture (and go to an acupuncturist you “click with”, you’ll start to understand your body more, and where your body may need a needle

– ACUPUNCTURE DOES NOT HURT! It should not hurt! There is a technique some acupuncturists use (I forget what it’s called) where the needle is just barely in, so little that it appears that it’s falling over- and looks like it will fall out (but it won’t!)

– Sometimes medications you are on will change the effects of acupuncture; even if you don’t feel energy moving, or that it’s working, it is. I for example, am on stimulants. It sometimes is impossible to lay down, relax and listen to your body when your heart is racing over 120 beats per minute. I can’t explain it, but when it comes to meditation and breathing, I am unable to do it. The stimulants create this barrier. I hope one day to have someone take me for acupuncture when I don’t take my stimulants…I actually just hope to take a day or two break from them, since I haven’t in several months. I like to think of it as almost detoxifying.

How often do you go?

– That’s up to you and your acupuncturist (and your wallet)

Currently I’m going about once a month, due to the cost. I would really like to go once a week. My mom goes to her acupuncturist 1-2x a week since she had surgery a while ago and it helps a lot with pain.

My experience with acupuncture

I have now seen a total of 4 different acupuncturists. The first I went to only because my insurance at the time said they were in network and would cover most of the cost. I went about 5 times. It did absolutely nothing for me. I did not feel “energy moving”, they did not explain to me what the different points meant, which points they were doing, and overall did not tell me much about anything. I told them my medical history and whatnot and it was just a complete waste of time.

I knew that you have different experiences with each different person, so fortunately, I didn’t let it influence my feelings towards it. My mom however, saw that same acupuncturist I did- it took me a year to convince her to try it again! She currently goes to the acupuncturist I see once in a while, who really helped me understand what acupuncture is.

Why I do not go to this acupuncturist very often, is not because they weren’t helpful, but the one I currently see is not only an acupuncturist, but who I see for the homeopathic remedies and colorpuncture. They are totally different experiences and I benefit from both of them, just in different ways. I would recommend my other acupuncturist for those who have never tried it. They used to be a nurse so they also combine a sense of western medicine with it. They feel out every point to see which ones really need it. They also do not do the trigger points- which was the thing that cured my migraines.

The acupuncturist I see now, does not take the time and see if my body wants a point over another. They target the points in treating things like allergies (which is seen in the picture below) and ones to boost my immune system. I do not usually feel energy moving, but I actually did during this picture. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t working before. When I said acupuncture doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t- but the trigger points are a bit different- they hurt in the moment, or just really uncomfortable. I have to do the trigger points in the back of my head sometimes to continue to make sure I don’t get migraines. That day I may be sore and have a headache, but the next day I’m fine. Like I said, everyone’s experience is different. Every time I go, I have a different experience. Sometimes I just start crying (usually after doing central nervous system points)- I’m not sure why I cry, but it’s seen as a good thing, an emotional release. In this session pictured below, when taking out the needles, I had bled a little bit at each point. I don’t mean gushing blood, but like a little pin point size drop of blood. When you bleed at points, this is seen as a good thing–



The Colorpuncture, acupuncture and several homeopathic remedies that I’ve been doing now for about 6+ months, are finally showing some positive results! – I don’t understand a lot about supplements/homeopathic remedies, but just that this combination is working! I only take ones that have been specifically picked for me (based upon my case) from my Lyme literate doctor.

Lyme Nosode

The Lyme Nosode I started about a month ago, has given me SUCH GREAT results and I even started to notice a difference within the first week! It does give me dull headaches a lot (herx reaction possibly) but never migraines! It’s my understanding that this works almost like a vaccine- it sends a very minute signal, telling my body to attack the bad bacteria (in this case the Lyme bacterium).

Cellular Recharge, Revitalization and Allerdrain

Cellular Recharge, Revitalization and Allerdrain

Other supplements/vitamins

Other supplements/vitamins

Sharing what it is like to live with Lyme disease & other chronic illnesses to spread awareness; health advocate;

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