A ‘Fight Lyme’ Support Group

I had always thought there wasn’t much of a Lyme community out there. Only in the past 6-7 months, did I find that there was in fact a Lyme community. Though it may be small, and by small I mean hundreds of thousands of people all across the U.S. and all over the world- I somehow missed all these great people but am thankful to have finally found this support system.

I find that Twitter has introduced me to SO many new people and I learn a ton of new information every day; even people here on WordPress who too write about Lyme have become amazing friends; but I’m not a huge fan of Facebook- this is probably why I’ve met the least amount of people through this social media channel. With so much personal information that is available on there, I usually communicate with a small group of people- those who I already know and don’t use it much as a source of meeting new people. It’s scary what people can find out about you on the internet!

Anyway- with that being said- I still find the Lyme community to be small, yet whenever I happen to talk to people about Lyme, my story, etc. they almost always know someone with Lyme. But I can’t say I personally know someone that has Chronic Lyme. The few individuals I do know, had Lyme, took antibiotics and were fine; the story I find to hear the most.

I have been thinking of starting a Lyme disease support group- I would like to eventually have physical meetings scheduled in the NY/NJ area for those who have Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses, but also for those who may not have Lyme but have a family member or friend who has it.

With Lyme, it’s not always easy to get out of bed in the morning…or sometimes you can’t get out of bed at all. That’s why some meetings will be via Google+ Hangouts, Skype, or any other way that may work for people (if you aren’t familiar with these, click on the names/links to learn more about them!)

Let me know if you are interested, have some ideas, or would like to take part in organizing a support group with me! Fill out the contact form below or email me ([email protected])

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