The Fight Lyme Fundraiser

Due to the Jewish holiday, The Fight Lyme Fundraiser has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 5!

I am so happy I realized this sooner rather than later so everyone can come to the event! I am really excited and am relieved to have an outpouring amount of support and help since I was struggling organizing this event!

I cannot thank enough The Norwood Fire Dept, The Deptuch Family, The Tuite Family and my Dad for coming to the rescue and really get things organized and moving forward! Andrew has been a tremendous amount of help, not only who is with me through all the good days and the bad, but helps me with everything- between creating this flyer, teaching me all that I know about social media and technology, proof reading and editing all my work, Eric for designing the Fight Lyme logos, Michelle & Ryan for getting the word out about this event and the Under Our Skin screening we held back in May- and also getting 2 awesome bicycles to be given away at the event; my mom & dad for going door to door helping collect prizes, and every single individual who has helped out with the events and supporting me in my fight against Lyme!

Help Fight Lyme!

Help Fight Lyme!

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Form to make a donation or prize(s) for the event

Click here to download and print this poster (color)

Click here to download and print this poster (black and white)


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