The Lyme Chat Starts Tomorrow!

To all my Lymies,

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Starting tomorrow, Sunday, August 25th at 8pm EST/ 5pm PT will be the first ever #LymeChat! 

What is #LymeChat? 

#LymeChat helps connect individuals who suffer from Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses, as well as other illnesses that have come with these diseases (I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome- the list goes on!). Whether it’s talking about the latest Lyme news, information, treatments, etc, each week will be different topic, but this week I’m starting off with some general questions, getting to know each other, sharing a bit of our stories- I’m calling it my “test run”. I have never done something like this before, but I’ve participated in many chats, so feedback/comments/suggestions are always welcome but I know that it’s going to get better and better!

Why am I starting #LymeChat?

Each Wednesday, I participate in #SpoonieChat, which was created by Dawn and she inspired me to have my own #LymeChat each week! Here, fellow Spoonies (if you don’t understand what I mean by “Spoonies” read this) talk about what it is like to live with an invisible/chronic illness and all sorts of topics. Most importantly, or what I’ve taken away from #SpoonieChat and people I’ve met through social media channels, is that there are plenty of people who can relate, need support but are always looking to give support first.

How does #LymeChat work?

As I mentioned, #LymeChat will consist of me asking questions and all the individuals that are participating in the chat, will answer the questions. The format will look something like this:


Q1: Hi, how is everyone doing tonight? #LymeChat


A1: Good! #LymeChat

#LymeChat is always put at the end!

Can’t make it?

I’ll be posting the questions on my Facebook page after the chat, as well as some here, so you can respond when you have time or just check out some of the responses!

Fighting Lyme is a long journey, much of the time, the road runs uphill. Networking with others who can relate, can be quite helpful, but most of all, if I can help someone along their journey, mine will be that much better.

Sharing what it is like to live with Lyme disease & other chronic illnesses to spread awareness; health advocate;


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