Lyme Chat: 9-1-13

Last night was the second Lyme Chat I held on Twitter-

Lyme Chat 9-1-13 topic

I was sort of disappointed with how it went; I was not disappointed by those who participated and am thankful that there were again those who joined in, especially being so open and honest; but I was more disappointed in my own responses and how I responded to others.

Being this was a tough and personal topic, I wanted to sort of have a redo.

On Sunday, 9/8/13, the #LymeChat topic will be a continuation of this topic!

I realized that I maybe had a hard time wit this chat, because I have been going through a rough time as well as others. If I’m having trouble helping myself, I should have been more honest and expressed  that I too would be needing support and help but I would do my best to support others and give advice (or at least the few things I knew of).

This chat is a learning process for me; My life with Lyme is a long journey, filled with ups and downs and sometimes there aren’t always answers, never mind those that are right and wrong;

I have what I call, my “moments of clarity,” where the brain fog and fatigue will be at the best it possibly can, and these times are almost always never at night- here are the questions I asked and I will be sharing multiple answers (of my own as well as others) and would like for as many people as possible to respond to any of these questions- whether or not you have Lyme or another chronic Illness, please feel free to share your responses too!

(I will be posting my responses and editing this post through out the day and over the week- but just wanted to get this out there for now!) Please leave your responses in the comment section below! I’m also working on how to format this because there are multiple answers- the responses with A1, A2, etc are those I posted on Twitter and the ones below are just more answers to the same question

Q1. How is every one doing? How was your weekend? #LymeChat

A1. I’ve had a bit of a tough week- with that said, we’re going to talk about how to get through those tough times! #LymeChat


Q2. Have you all heard of The Spoon Theory? Take the time & check it out! If you know it, read it again! #LymeChat


A2. I have heard of the Spoon Theory, which is why I shared it! I even wrote about it too! Click here to read my response!

– I also created my own Spoonie art!



Q3. What is one of the toughest parts about fighting Lyme? Is it the disease itself, a side effect of the tick-borne illness, etc? #LymeChat


A3. Many things are tough, but one of the hardest parts, is the fatigue/sleep disorders- it’s very debilitating #LymeChat

– It’s also hard to explain (which is why the spoon theory comes in handy), but also because it’s an invisible illness #LymeChat


Q4. How are some ways you cope with that particular symptom/issue that comes with Lyme? #LymeChat

A4. People I have met through social media channels and especially here on Twitter, are what get me through day to day! #LymeChat

– I talk to a doctor every week; it’s been something that’s hard to be open about, but this doctor has saved my life and always gives me great advice. If you can afford it/insurance covers a part of it and you find someone you like, I really suggest it!

– I research my diagnosis’ and learn/try different approaches on how to improve them

– I talk to others who have Lyme with similar symptoms and share things I’ve tried as well as hear what they have tried

– I have found an herbalist who is really helpful, I go for acupuncture and colorpuncture– basically lots of alternative healing methods


Q5. What’s an alternative when your support system/people may not be around to talk to? Or maybe you don’t feel like talking? #LymeChat

A5. Sometimes I cry- it’s an emotional release and good sometimes; I also surround myself with my pets, or listen to music! #LymeChat

– Sometimes people aren’t around, so I look for motivational/inspirational quotes or sayings, like this one!

– I also follow Cory Booker on Twitter- here’s why!

– Anything to distract me from what’s going on like watch a TV show, movie or play a game on my phone or computer (temporarily- it’s not good to run away from your problems either!)


Q6. How has Lyme brought some positive aspect into your life? #LymeChat

A6. By sharing my story, I support others, receive support and hope to educate and prevent others from tick-borne illnesses #LymeChat

– Reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones

Identify what may be causing you to feel down

Is it temporary? Did you recently quit smoking, have a change in medication?

Or is it something more serious, and long-term? Could you be suffering from depression? While this is a difficult topic to be open about, but please consider talking to your doctor to find out it you are depressed, whether it may be temporary or if it’s been on going. Every person at some point or another experiences depression in their lifetime, learning to identify it (or notice changes in your own mood, behavior, etc.) is not always easy to notice. If you are unsure, talk to a friend or someone you can trust- but please also see your doctor!

Sharing what it is like to live with Lyme disease & other chronic illnesses to spread awareness; health advocate;

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