Lyme Chat: 9-8-2013 “When life (with Lyme) gets you down”

What to do when life with Lyme gets you down

Questions for the Lyme Chat:

Q1: How is every one doing? How was your weekend? 

Q2: Have you laughed today? If you did, tell us what made you laugh, if not, find something to make you laugh! 

Q3: Sometimes, it’s hard to laugh or smile. When you’re feeling down, what’s something you do to life your spirits (give as many answers as you can!) 

Q4: Name a song/artist you listen to when you’re feeling down 

Q5: Name a movie and/or TV show you watch! 

Q6: What are some things you do to pass the time if you’re not feeling well (physically)? 

Q7: Do you have any hobbies or interests? 

Q8: It can be hard to stay positive, so I re-read some of my favorite inspiration/motivational sayings or quotes; share your fav! 

Q9: There is life after Lyme! I’ve started making a “recovery list!” Name something that would be on your list! 

Q10: Sick or not sick, everyone needs a stress outlet! Name some of the ways you relieve stress! 

Q11: I asked this question last week, but it’s good to think about- what is something positive that has come from Lyme/illnesses 

Q12: Does anyone have a question they want to ask? If not, write one to ask during next weeks Lyme Chat

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Here are some suggestions I have:

Talk to someone

  • It’s great to have someone, whether it be a friend, family member, or a loved one you can trust
  • Some people may agree with me, but some may not, but talk therapy has been extremely beneficial for me; it’s a place where I can talk about the frustrations of dealing with a chronic illness and have someone understand (or at least the doctor I see)
  • As you know (or I hope you do now!), people I have met through social media channels or even someone I just happened to meet in the doctors office and exchanged e-mail addresses, has been really helpful! It’s your own network of all these people who support you, plus understand what you’re going through! Then there are times where you are able to support someone else who needs it- and it feels good to help!

Watch a TV show/series

  • I love Aaron Sorkin and this summer I watched the entire series of The West Wing!
  • I like to watch Family Guy- more the older episodes, before it got so raciest and sexiest- and I hope by saying that people don’t get the wrong idea of me (and my sense of humor!)
  • I LOVE Modern Family! Such a great show!
  • I always watch re-runs of NCIS and Law & Order: SVU too!
  •  Hulu and Netflix is a great way to distract yourself (which is needed at times), plus it can help pass the time if you get insomnia or can’t get out of bed that day!

 Watch a movie

  •  I suggest any comedy, good ones that is! I personally do not like horror or thriller movies! There’s enough that causes you to lose sleep or to worry about!
  • “Under Our Skin” may not be the best movie to watch at this time
  • Hulu and Netflix also have movies as well as TV shows

Listen to music 


  • Personally, you will almost never see me in the kitchen! Baking and cooking are things that I consider small victories when I accomplish! I’m not very good at cooking and it takes a lot of energy for me to do these activities!

Read a book

Get lost on You Tube or Stumble Upon

Surround yourself with your pets (or a friends/family members if you can)

Go for a walk or go for a drive (if you are able to- and do it safely)

Do something nice for someone…

  • Volunteer

…but also remember to do things for yourself!

  • Get your haircut,
  • Ladies- maybe get your hair colored, get your nails done

Take a long bath

Play a game on your phone, computer, or play a video game


  • Sometimes people do enjoy cleaning/find it a stress-reliever

Make a “recovery list”

  • Yes, things WILL get better!

Take up a hobby

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