Full Moons & Chronic Illnesses

Tonight, there will be a full moon & lunar eclipse!

Full moon & lunar eclipse

Why am I bringing this up?

Besides it being something really awesome to see- over the past few months I’ve spent meeting/talking to many people who suffer from Lyme disease & other chronic illnesses, I learned that most would say, when there is a full moon, their symptoms get worse- primarily the quality of sleep (or I should say, poor quality of sleep)!

Not just on the day/night of the full moon, but even a couple days before and after the event! I cannot say whether full moons have any affect(s) on my quality of sleep or any other symptoms, but have begun recording my symptoms (how I’m feeling on a daily basis, what symptoms I’m having, the times they occur, etc. etc.)- so it will be interesting to find out if a full moon makes my sleep and/or symptoms worse, stay the same, or who knows, maybe they get better!

I won’t exactly know until comparing my notes to the next time or two there is a full moon, since there are always many factors that contribute to how I feel day to day and hour by hour.

Are you affected by full moons? Is it a myth? Maybe, maybe not! You decide!

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  1. I certainly get affected by the full moon days prior. I feel like a werewolf

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