Summer has come and gone but ticks are here to stay

It’s been a sunny, cool, typical Fall morning.


Like many days, I haven’t been able to get out of bed yet and it’s just about 12 noon- but this got my heart racing and springing out of bed in seconds…

I was petting my cat Sylvester and I felt a bump…

10/24/13 Tick #5 of the year

10/24/13 Tick #5 of the year


Sure enough, it was exactly what I thought it would be.

This has been the 5th tick I have found this year; only one I’ve found on my dog, but this is the 4th I’ve found on my cat, Sylvester. They are both treated with Frontline each month, checked for ticks each time they come inside, (limited to how much time they spend outside and where they can go in the yard), have a treated, neat yard, which ticks don’t like, and have Tick Tubes around the yard as well- but I’m beginning to think, no matter how much you do to protect you and your pets against ticks, ticks/tick bites are not 100% preventable- but you should take every measure possible to avoid them and protect you, your family & pets from them!

I put on gloves, got the pointed tweezers and grabbed Sylvester. It took me a good 5 minutes to find the tick again since he has a lot of fur and even though he is brushed/groomed, it was difficult to find a tick that was engorged, never mind one that was attached & hadn’t started to feed yet (I’ve somehow managed to find those on him too)


Many think that when the weather starts to get cool, tick bites cannot occur. While it is less likely to be bitten, it is not impossible- and yes it’s possible even in the winter too!

Don’t be fooled; ticks are here to stay.

Successfully removed the tick from Sylvester

Successfully removed the tick from Sylvester


Tick #5 and penny

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