Lyme Chat: 11-3-2013

Goodbye October, Hello November

Fall Back

5 Tips to ‘Fall Back’ From Daylight Saving Time

Time to Move On? The Case Against Daylight Saving Time

I hope you all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep! I know for many, it doesn’t make a difference, unless we were moving the clocks forward & had lost an hour of sleep!

For yesterdays Lyme Chat,  I wanted to talk more about how to handle friends & family when they do not understand and/or do not believe our illnesses because we “Don’t Look Sick.” Unfortunately, my fatigue has not gotten better over the past week or two and was not fully prepared for this topic. I didn’t want to cancel the chat, so instead I let people submit questions they wanted asked! This “Open Lyme Chat” went pretty well, and I have to thank all the participants for that. I’ve been experiencing lots of neuro-Lyme symptoms, besides my fatigue and I’m lucky to have people who understand & support me.

Here are the questions you asked:

Q1: What method(s) have you found helpful in managing pain? #LymeChat

Q2: Do you take medication(s) to manage pain (share only if you feel comfortable doing so!) #LymeChat

Q3: What method(s) are helpful to get through herx reactions? (Preferably other than detoxing) #LymeChat

Q4: How have you been able to improve/manage fatigue? #LymeChat

Q5: What has been one of hardest adjustments you’ve had to make, due to your chronic illness? #LymeChat

Q6: What activities/hobbies can you still enjoy or have taken up despite your illnesses? #LymeChat

Q7: Are there any jobs/types of jobs that are manageable with Lyme disease? #LymeChat

Q8: Even though there isn’t scientific evidence, are you worried about passing Lyme/co-infections to your partner? #LymeChat

Q9: If you had been diagnosed with Lyme sooner, do you it would be as advanced as it is now? #LymeChat

Read the entire Lyme Chat (via Storify)

*Remember, you can always answer questions here, on Twitter, email, etc! Feedback/suggestions are always welcome*

Take a sneak peak at the next Lyme Chat topic! Thank you to my brother who helped me make this video clip!

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