Lyme Chat: 12-11-2013 (Reflection- Part 1)

Since I was unable to have a Lyme Chat the past 2 Sundays, I wanted to hold one before next Sunday. The kind words and support has been so great and I really thank you all so much! My cat Willa, who we thought would only have a couple days to live, has made a remarkable turn around! She continues to show me that we must tough, even if the odds are against us; she also has reminded me that life is too short.

With 2013 coming to an end, I wanted to start reflecting on this past year…

Hello #Lymies and #Spoonies! Welcome to the #LymeChat!

Usually the #LymeChat is held Sundays at this time, but I was not able to have it the past 2 weeks!

Thank you all for understanding me canceling them! My cat Willa who was sick, has gotten so much better! #LymeChat

Today, I wanted us to start reflecting on the past year #LymeChat

Please remember to add #LymeChat to each tweet and refer to the question you are responding to (Q1: is referred to as A1: )

Q1: How is everyone doing? Anything new going on since we last talked? #LymeChat

Q2: Pick three words to describe 2013 #LymeChat 

Q3: What were the three symptoms you experienced the most in 2013 #LymeChat

Q4: What were three symptoms that improved over the past year? #LymeChat

Q5: What was the single best thing that happened this past year? #LymeChat

Q6: What was the single most challenging thing that happened? #LymeChat

Q7: What is one aspect about yourself that you have especially loved this year? What are you proud of? #LymeChat

Read the chat here (via Storify)


On Sunday, December 15th, we will continue to reflect on 2013 and get ready to plan for 2014

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