Lyme Chat: 12-15-2013 (Reflection- Part 2)

During yesterday’s Lyme Chat, my fellow “Lymies” and “Spoonies” continued to reflect on this past year…

Reflecting on 2013

Check out Lyme Chat: 12-11-2013 (Reflection- Part 1) in case you missed it!

Here were the questions as well as my responses:

Q1: How was your weekend? #LymeChat

A1: My boyfriend came to visit but had to leave after a day due to snow storm, but happy to see him for a day! #LymeChat

Q2: What was an unexpected joy in 2013? #LymeChat

A2: Creating a twitter account and meeting so many #Lymies and #Spoonies! #LymeChat

Q3: What was an unexpected obstacle this past year? #LymeChat

A3: Learning I had a rare sleep disorder, on top of all the others- Idiopathic Hypersomnia #LymeChat

Q4: What were two of the biggest stressors in your life this year? #LymeChat

I realized I forgot to answer # 4! A4: Not having a job & fatigue/sleep disorders #LymeChat

Q5: What were two of the biggest stress-relievers in 2013? #LymeChat

A5: My bf, my pets, writing; also having a great therapist I can talk to #LymeChat 

Q6: What’s something new you learned about Lyme/ticks/tick-borne diseases this year? #LymeChat

A6: I learned ticks cannot swim, but can survive submerged in water for a few days! Thanks @tickencounter! #LymeChat

Q7: Is there anything you would have done differently this past year if you could? #LymeChat

A7: I don’t think there is anything I would have done differently, but I have to sleep on this! #LymeChat

Read the entire Lyme Chat here (via Storify)

Now that we have reflected on this past year, next Sunday, (12/22) we will talk about our goals for 2014! 

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