Lyme Chat: 12-22-2013

Get ready for 2014!

Get ready for 2014!

While I believe that you don’t need a new year or occasion to set goals for yourselves– any time is the right time– I decided to make the best of 2014! It’s coming no matter what!

Here were yesterdays questions from the Lyme Chat (and my responses)

Q1: How is everyone doing!? #LymeChat

A1: Been trying to stay positive & hopeful after some disappointing news. Hard to find treatment of sleep disorders #LymeChat

Q2: Pick three words you would like to describe 2014 #LymeChat

A2: Hope, energy and fun! Also have to add love, laughter & strength! Can’t pick just three! #LymeChat

Q3: What is one habit you would like to stop in 2014? #LymeChat

A3: A habit I’m continuing working on is cutting out sugar from my diet! Can’t change overnight! #LymeChat

Q4: What is one habit you would like to start in 2014? #LymeChat

A4: Drinking more water! I drink a lot but always could drink more! #LymeChat

Q5: What is one thing you would like to learn in 2014? #LymeChat

Learn more about the brain, specifically about sleep & sleep disorders #LymeChat

Q6: If you could only do one big thing this year, what would it be? #LymeChat

A6: Honestly, I can’t think of anything but managing fatigue better so I can live life! #LymeChat

Q7: #Lymies, what topics would you like to see in the next few months? #LymeChat

Answers for Q7 are always welcome (I did not answer this question!)

Read the entire Lyme Chat here (via Storify)

On December 29th, our next Lyme Chat, we will discuss our goals for 2014!

Also, please vote for Fight Lyme in the WEGO Health Activist Awards!!!


Wishing you all lots of happiness and health!

Happy Holidays!

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