Lyme Chat: 1/19/14

Happy MLK Day

Happy MLK Day

It has been a while since I’ve hosted a Lyme Chat; between my debilitating fatigue and the loss of my cat Willa…I’ve just been trying to take care of my mental health and well-being.

I know I will make it through this hard times because I have such an amazing support system. My Mom, Dad, brother and boyfriend have all been by my side every second, as we all are devastated  losing Willa, who my Dad found abandoned on the streets of New York City and brought her home on my 7th Birthday.

Me and Baby Willa

My veterinarian has been nothing less than incredible, caring for Willa as if she was their own, helping us give her the best 17, almost 18 years of life she could ever have.

My fellow “Lymies” and “Spoonies” have become another family of mine; they are there for me every day; I lost count of how many people have kept me in their thoughts & prayers, offered words of advice, sharing with me that they too know the pain of losing a pet, assuring me that everything WILL be okay, but it won’t be easy- and that’s ok. Many who I’ve grown close to over the past year continue to check in on me, making sure I’m doing okay.

One thing Willa taught me (yes, my pets teach me things!), is that you have to be strong, no matter what. So, for you, Willa, I’m going to be strong.

Lyme Chat: January 19, 2014

“Ticks and Winter”


Here are the Lyme Chat questions:

Q1: Is it possible to be bitten by a tick and/or be infected with Lyme disease during winter months? #LymeChat

A1: Yes, believe it or not, it IS possible to be bitten by a tick during ANY TIME of the year! #LymeChat

Q2: Do you find others in your area concerned about ticks in the winter? Why do you think they are or are not? #LymeChat

A2: Nope! I find many believe if it’s cold, winter and/or if there’s now on the ground, ticks have died off until Spring #LymeChat

Q3: Do ticks die in the winter? Do they all die? #LymeChat

A3: Ticks can survive the winter and be active all year! They also do not die after the first frost! #LymeChat

Source: TickEncounter

Source: TickEncounter

Q4: Name one way you protect yourself against tick bites! #LymeChat

A4: Put clothes in the dryer on high THEN wash them! #LymeChat

Q5: Name one way you can protect animals/pets from tick bites! #LymeChat

A5: Always keep a clean, neat yard; apply Frontline each month (or natural alternative); check pets each time they go outside! #LymeChat

Q6: Do you prevent tick bites differently in the winter than you do other seasons? Why or why not? #LymeChat

A6: No, I take the same precautions all year long; but I can see how it is easy to slack off during colder months (tick checks) #LymeChat

Q7: Do you feel preventing tick bites are important and/or only taking proper action after a bite has occurred? #LymeChat

A7: Prevention, Education are key! Knowing what to do after being bitten by a tick is important too! #LymeChat

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More info on Ticks and Winter:


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