Lyme Chat: 1-28-14

Hello everyone-

Again, I did not hold the Lyme Chat at its usual time (Sundays @ 8pm EST/5pm PT); I am working on figuring out something since many times I have to cancel and/or reschedule from not feeling well, which was part of why I held it on Tuesday. I apologize for any inconvenience but thank those who participate for understanding…

I’m writing this post Thursday evening, marking 3 weeks since my cat Willa (or “Willie”, short for Willameana) passed away. I’ve been hanging on each day…barely. As the pain of losing my cat who I had since I was 7 years old, the growing frustration & anger as I continue to struggle staying awake due to the sleep disorders Lyme disease has caused, and all the other obstacles I face every day…that just was not enough. I have learned that my cat, Cupcake, who we adopted a few years after Willa, has been diagnosed cancer. I’m still in shock and trying to absorb this because she in no way shows any signs of aging at 15 years old, never mind looking sick, aside from the bump on her wrist…

I’m sorry, my mind is so jumbled up and confused, I’m not sure what I’m writing even makes sense…I will be writing more on this subject when I’m feeling a bit better; until then, here are the questions from the Lyme Chat and some links for information on depression:


Q1: What are some signs/symptoms of depression? 

Q2: What may be a cause/risk factor of depression? 

Q3: When should you talk to your doctor about depression? 

Q4: What is something you should NOT say to someone with depression? 

Q5: What IS something you can say to help comfort someone with depression? 

Q6: When you are feeling depressed (or struggling with depression), how do you address it? Are you able to? 

Q7: What have you found helpful in treating/managing depression?  

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 8.09.23 PM

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Depression Symptoms & Warning Signs

Helping a Depressed Person: How to Reach Out and Help Someone While Taking Care of Yourself

Suicide Help


**I usually put together the entire chat using Storify, but for some reason, it did not show half of the responses, nor my tweets so I was unable to put it together; I realized, however, depression is a very personal and private subject and will not be putting together a Storify of this chat or others we have on this topic in the future.

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