Lyme Chat: 2-9-2014

Hello everyone! Sorry it took me a while to post this! I will be editing it but wanted to post what I have so far!

I finally was able to hold the Lyme Chat Sunday at 8pm EST/5pm PT, its “usual” time! I say that because the new year has already brought a lot of new challenges. After the loss of my beloved cat Willa a few weeks ago, I just found out my other cat, Cupcake, who I’ve also had my entire childhood, has cancer.

I’m really trying to hang in there with everything I’ve got. But I can’t imagine how I would be if it weren’t for the outpouring love and support I’ve received from family, friends and of course, my “Lymies” and “Spoonies,” my second family. I cannot thank you all enough and for being so understanding about having to cancel/reschedule Lyme Chats these past few weeks.

With that being said… on to the Lyme Chat!

Yesterday we discussed being prepared for unexpected symptoms/flare-ups! Us Lymies need to be prepared for anything!

Here are the questions, my responses (in depth since Twitter only allows 130 characters!), and some responses given by participants!

Q1: Do you keep your medicines (vitamins, supplements, etc.) organized? If so, how?

Supplements, med organizer

A daily pill organizer has become a lifesaver! Over the weekend, I refill it for the week. Most importantly, I make note of which medications and/or supplements I’m running low on!

  • This is just one example of daily pill organizers that are available. There are ones that are not only for each day of the week, but each day can be separated into Morning, Afternoon and Evening medications.
  • I bought mine at a pharmacy for $1.00 (finally something that I need and use often that isn’t expensive!) Here are some other examples of what’s out there

Bottles and Medication (The Container Store)

  • I make sure I refill a prescription ASAP (I know when I refill a prescription, my local pharmacy is awful and never has the prescription ready on the date/time as promised! I make sure that I have a few days left of it in case this happens or for whatever reason not able to get to the pharmacy, it’s not in stock, etc.
  • Call your pharmacy ahead of time to make sure your medication is ready to be picked up before you make the trip
  • If you are in need of herbs/supplements, check out the store’s hours online (or call); if you’re not sure they will have it, it doesn’t hurt to check first!
  • If you take a controlled substance, you need to have a new prescription written out each time and dropped off at the pharmacy in person because you are not able to get refills (some states/certain medications you can have prescriptions submitted electronically or faxed).
    • When prescribed a controlled substance, you cannot get it filled again if it has been 28 days or less since you last received the medication
    • There of course are exceptions (ex. if your medication has been lost or stolen, your dosage has increased, etc.) but your insurance may not cover the costs
    • Again, this all varies based upon state laws, the medication(s) you are prescribed and insurance company

Do you know what a controlled substance is? Did you know each drug is classified under 1 of 5 categories/schedules? Click here to learn more!

Q2: A headache comes out of nowhere! What do you do to relieve it?
  • I always carry Advil and slippery elm (protects stomach) on hand in case of a headache!
  • When I do get a headache, it usually is an indication for me that I need to rinse my sinuses (which I do with salt water), or could already have a sinus infection (the salt water rinse is more a preventative)
  • Other common causes of headaches (at least for me):
    • STRESS (what doesn’t stress do to our bodies?)
    • Side effect of a medication
    • I’ve been grinding my teeth at night
    • Allergies (especially when I’m exposed to mold)
  • Whenever you have a headache, whether or not it’s due to dehydration, it’s always a good idea to drink more water!
  • Find a dark, quiet place to lay down! Sunglasses are always handy!

Q3: Sometimes with a headache, you’ll get nausea! What do you take and/or use to get some relief? #LymeChat

I take Ginger root capsules! Anything with ginger is great! I will also stick to a bland diet; toast, plain crackers and drink water



Q4: If you are out of the house when you get nauseous or get a headache, does this change how you handle symptoms initially?

 If I’m out and feel sick, my priority is to get home and get into bed! I also always carry ginger, slippery elm, Advil, sunglasses, ear plugs and a water bottle with me at all times!

Q5: Help, my whole body hurts! I need ________ (fill in the blank) 

Help, my whole body hurts! I need my herbalist and therapist!

  • While I do have fibromyalgia and arthritis caused by Lyme disease, if I’m in more pain than usual/it is unbearable, many times it is because I’ve eaten sugar!
    • I’m still working on cutting out sugar completely from my diet (yes even natural sugar; except for one or two servings of fruit a day!) but it is worth it! I’m very sensitive to the inflammation it causes!
    • My herbalist is able to help reduce the inflammation and get rid of candida bacteria cause by consuming sugar
  • When I’m in a lot of pain, it can also be a sign that I need to call my therapist
    • Personally, talk therapy helps me in so many ways and managing stress is critical
  • It also calls for (another) trip to my chiropractor- I usually go once a week
Q6: I can’t take another sleepless night! To get some sleep I’ll need ________ (fill in the blank) 

I can’t take another sleepless night! To get some sleep, I’ll need Melatonin, 5-HTP, Inositol and Chromium!

  • I like that these are natural and can get me to sleep! I’ve tried many, many sleep medications, all of course come with side effects but I’ve found this combination to help me the most
  • Many people suggested listening to calming music, meditating and drinking tea to name a few!
Q7: Anything else you keep on-hand at all times, just in case?
  • I cannot live without Chapstick and tissues. Chapped lips can be such an annoyance & painful and so can a runny nose!
  • Lysol/Clorox wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
    • With a chronic illness and/or under stress, we can get sick a lot easier! These always come in handy!
    • As a Lymie–and one with pets– tweezers are always a must! They are the best way to remove a tick and there are a million other ways they can be useful!

Here are some other suggestions Lyme Chat participants made:

See the entire Lyme Chat here:


Be Prepared. Where is Your Stash?

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