Lyme Chat: 3-3-2014

Only 16 more days until spring! I don’t know about everyone else, but spring has been on my mind, all the time lately!

Spring 2013 Spring 2013 (photo 2)

(These lovely photos I took last Spring!)

I decided to move the Lyme Chat to Monday since on Sunday the Oscars were happening!

During last night’s (or morning or afternoon, depending on where you are in the world!) Lyme Chat, we continued to discuss “Finding the perfect doctor (for you)”

(Click here to see part 1)

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 Here are the Lyme Chat questions:

Q1: How is everyone doing? #LymeChat

A1: I am struggling with a hernia & post viral gastroparesis. But I have become addicted to House of Cards! Helps pass the time #LymeChat

Q2: You need a doctor. How do you go about finding one? (Ex. “Google” doctors,, word of mouth, etc.) #LymeChat

A2: When I need a doctor, personally I start with word of mouth, then follow up with at least “Googling” the doctor(s) #LymeChat

Q3: Is your primary care physician someone you ask to recommend a doctor for you? Why or why not? #LymeChat

A3: Going to my PCP isn’t my first choice for a referral. I have a psych NP that is my most trusted doc + word of mouth before PCP #LymeChat

Q4: Do you trust an online rating of a doctor? Why or why not? #LymeChat

A4: It’s def something I read and consider! But also must be a source where they collect info of the person leaving the review #LymeChat

Q5: Would you or have you paid for doctor ratings? Why or why not? #LymeChat

A5: I have not paid for doctor ratings- there is lots of info out there, sometimes it takes a while to find- I won’t anytime soon #LymeChat

I wouldn’t pay to see doctors reviews online, but I would pay for a Top Doctor’s magazine once in a while #LymeChat

Q6: What question(s) do you ask yourself to help figure out if a doctor is a good fit? #LymeChat

A6: One thing I ask myself is, “What makes this doctor or specialist different from all the others out there?” #LymeChat

  I also check out all the doctor’s degrees, certifications, awards, what boards they are on, etc. #LymeChat

Q7: Are there any specific questions you ask your doctor to help decide if they are right for you? #LymeChat

A7: Do you believe in Lyme disease and Chronic Lyme Disease; do you believe in alternative medicine? #LymeChat

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Choosing a Doctor: Quick tips (

Can Doctors Be Taught How to Talk to Patients?

Read the entire Lyme Chat here (via Storify)

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