Spring is here, prevent tick bites

Happy spring!

I am very excited spring is here! However, that means you’ll be seeing more ticks! While it is possible to be bitten by a tick during anytime of the year (yes, winter too), from now until fall, the odds of encountering a tick are only going to get higher!

Current tick activity for the tri-state area:

Picture and info from TickEncounter.org

Picture and info from TickEncounter.org

What is the tick activity in your area? Find out!


What is the best way to Fight Lyme and other tick-borne diseases?

Prevent tick bites!

 Spring Essentials

Spring Essentials

Here are my spring essentials! What isn’t pictured, but extremely important is tick repellent! I am happy I realized that I did not have any before I needed it or went outside without it!

Here are more ways to prevent tick bites:
  • Tick repellent clothing (information via TickEncounter)
  • Damminix Tick Tubes (pictured above)
  • Lyme-Aid kits (available online and in Duane Reade stores- also pictured above)
  • Tweezers (Pointy tweezers are the best and most effective way to remove a tick)
    • Also have gloves and rubbing alcohol especially when removing a tick (alcohol is for after the tick is removed with tweezers)
    • How NOT to remove a tick
  • Have someone help you check for ticks each day (and every time you come in from outside)
    • You do not have to be hiking or in the woods to get bit by a tick!
  • DRY YOUR CLOTHES (ON HIGH) FIRST, THEN WASH! The heat can kill ticks that may be on your clothes (read more about this here)
  • Tick repellent
  • Shower (besides the obvious benefits of showering) this can also help wash off ticks if they have not attached to you yet and get rid of any tick repellents you have on your skin
    • I apply Frontline to my dog and cat each month and check them for ticks each time they come inside!
    • Ask your veterinarian what product(s) are right for your pet


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