Lyme Chat: Question of the Week (#QOTW)

It’s been a long time since I hosted a #LymeChat on Twitter.

I am not happy about it, but I would be more upset if I did not put my health and myself first, like I tell every other person.

Well, I’m not quite sure I can say I’ve gotten better. My condition is chronic, so comparing how I feel in the moment to a month or a year ago by saying I was better, the same or worse, isn’t right. It’s different. It’s always different and as far as I know, my symptoms will always be different. I can hope science continues to improve and we continue making medical breakthroughs, perhaps even a cure, not only for Lyme but other chronic illnesses, but for now, I can only manage my symptoms, minimizing how they affect me day to day.

Things continue to change, but I am starting something new. I will now being doing a “Question of the Week (QOTW),” using hashtags #LymeChat and #QOTW.  This way, it’s one question where the work is a bit easier (and I can have help since it’s not always easy for me to type, use a computer, use my brain, etc.), but still can connect others. This also will give people the chance to respond within a week where the Lyme Chat time is limited, though you can answer during the week, the chat is held at a certain time.

I’ve also now created a private Facebook group to post the Question of the Week, where members can respond to questions and also do so much more. I hope it can be a place where fellow “Lymies,” and “Spoonies” can ask their own questions, respond to one another, support each other, and to have people never feel like they are going through this alone. Not only those who suffer from chronic illnesses are welcome to the group but any individual who may benefit from it. The only thing that is required is that members are always kind to one another, and that they respect each other’s privacy & point of view. I hope the information that is shared will be credible and accurate, but as always, I have to encourage those to do their own research and always consult with your health care providers.

Here is this weeks Question of the Week:

What does your “First aid kit” or “Lyme disease survival” kit look like?

*Read my answer, as it will help you answer the question!

While I do keep a first aid kit in my car, full of things I hope I’ll never have to use (on myself or someone else; I am a first responder but not active due to my own health), I keep a different kind of kit on me at all times. I call it my ‪#‎Lyme‬ / ‪#‎Chronic‬ Illness survival kit! It contains:

– My phone. It has my life in it; everything from doctor’s appointments, the several alarm clocks I need to set to wake up; to-do lists, etc.
– Ear plugs
– Sunglasses and/or an eye mask
– Chapstick
– Tissues
– Ginger
– Gastrex
– Advil, slippery elm
– Medications (that I keep in the bottle with my name on it and only a small amount that I would need for a day or two in case they are lost or stolen) – Bug spray (Off! Deep Woods)
– Tweezers
– Rubbing alcohol wipes
– Zip lock bag
(^^^these 4 things to avoid a tick bite/in case of a tick bite!)
– 3M Kind Tape
– Hand sanitizer
– Water
– Glucometer
– Kind Bars
– A list of medications, supplements, allergies & doctors (I need to get medic alert again!)So…what does your First aid kit/Lyme disease survival kit look like?

Sharing what it is like to live with Lyme disease & other chronic illnesses to spread awareness; health advocate;

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