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Check out  articles featured in the news about Lyme disease, co-infections, living with a chronic illness and more!

Cartoon by Victoria Roberts

Cartoon by Victoria Roberts

I used to post all articles one by one here but instead I have created what is an online magazine through Flipboard. Flipboard is a free app you can download, but you can still view my “Fight Lyme” Magazine without the app.

Click here to view articles on every thing related to Lyme disease!

Below, you will also find a link to the article I was featured in!

Norwood blogger helps spread the word about Lyme disease



Interested in health and love Flipboard as much as I do? Then check out my magazines, “Health” (which features any thing related to physical, mental and spiritual health & well-being) and “Sleep & Sleep Disorders.” When you get by a tick, it’s never just Lyme disease you have to worry about.

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